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Velo Antwerp

Velo Antwerp


Bicycle rental in Antwerp

Antwerp is a city to explore by bike!

Everything here is made for cyclists: the markings with the direction of movement, and dedicated lanes, and drivers attentive to cyclists, and a huge number of bicycle parking located at every step and throughout the city.


Even if you are only in Antwerp for one day, cycling through Antwerp will add a cool experience and shorten your walking time between attractions.

By the way, what to see in Antwerp, I told in detail in this article.

What you need to rent a bike in Antwerp

In order to rent a bike, you need to register on the official rental website using this link and buy a subscription. It won’t take more than a minute.

In the registration form you need to choose which subscription you need – for 24 hours or for a week and the number of subscriptions, as well as come up with a 4-digit PIN code.

After registration, you will receive an individual number, which you will need to indicate together with the PIN code in the machine at any bicycle parking in order to take a bike.

Bicycle rental prices in Antwerp

During registration on the site, you need to pay for the purchase of your chosen subscription.

24-hour subscription – 4 euros.
Weekly subscription – 10 euros.

The use of the bike for the first 30 minutes is free.

If you use the bike longer, money will be automatically deducted from your card.

Rent from 31st to 60 minutes + € 0.50

Rent from 61st to 90 minutes + € 1

Rent over 90 minutes more + € 5


The maximum allowed time for using the bike is 4 hours.

Thus, taking a bike for a long time is not very profitable, and there is no need for it.
You can use the half-hour rental any number of times a day – take it in one place, get to the place you need, return the bike at the nearest bike parking, take a walk, walk to the same or another bike parking and take the bike again.

How to rent a bike in Antwerp

Enter both of your codes on the screen (the number you received after registering on the site and the PIN code),
Select the number of the bike you would like to borrow,
Pick up the selected bike.

If you did not have time to pick up the bike or the lock is blocked, repeat all over again.

How to return a bike

Place the bike in the lock that has a green light on,
The light should start flashing.
Wait until the light turns green again.
Make sure the bike is locked.
Enter both of your codes into the rental machine, if you did everything correctly, the inscription “Bike has been returned correctly” will appear.

If the message is different, contact the support service at the phone number indicated on the screen or in the application, or check if the bike may not be fully inserted into the lock.

Map of bicycle parking in Antwerp

For the convenience of using the rental, you can download the Velo App for iOS and Android, which allows you to find out about the nearest rental points, the number of free bicycles or free places to return is great.

If you do not have an application and you have arrived at a bike station where there are no free seats, you can also select a map and addresses of the nearest free stations in the bike rental machine.